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Baden Baden

January 16th, 2012

Series of photos created on location at Baden Baden, an interior design shop in Amsterdam, started as a showroom by Piet and Karin Boon. There you walk through a fascinating world of stylish contemporary and classical furniture, lamps and art.
In terms of photography it is a challenge every time to find a good balance with all the different colored lighting; various types of lamps, daylight and possibly fill flash. In addition, the depth of field is of great importance. Often you photograph with small apertures and long exposure times of 1 to 6 seconds. The choice of lens is of course also important and you are looking for a nice composition, which is not always easy because the places where you can place your camera with tripod, are limited.
Interior photography is one of the areas in which I want to specialize. Especially since every situation is different and there's a lot of things to consider. A lot to learn but that keeps it interesting!

The website of Baden Baden.

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