August 12th, 2013
by imagitect

In a train station annex house near the village of Neuegersleben in Eastern Germany I found a blue, metal letter A. It was not clear where the letter had served for. Maybe someday it hung somewhere in the station and had meaning for the travellers. Or did somebody bring the A from another place and had just left it behind? In two sessions I made a series in which I gave the mysterious A a home within the different spaces of the languishing building.
In the last century Hitler passed here by train on the way to Berlin. Now the rails have been removed and sold as scrap metal. Like a harbour without water.

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  1. imagitect says:

    Nice comment I got on one of the photos from this series through an acquaintance (Tovah Hagen).

    quote: “wow,very interesting picture. In the midst of desolation an abandoned, unoccupied room, stands the the letter A…alive, alone but always hopeful! A is the beginning of the alphabet and introduces the rest of the letters that string together language, thoughts and emotions. The picture evokes a feeling of forlorn but intriguing curiosity of the past.”

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