Rinteln Cream series

August 9th, 2013
by imagitect

Slightly weathered, industrial architecture in Rinteln, Lower-Saxony. Late in the afternoon on a sunny day so beautiful light causing the warm colours of the buildings to be reinforced.
The photos are made with the Canon 24-105 mm L lens, a great lens but slightly too short for true wide angle. Meanwhile I purchased the Canon 17-40 mm and think I will use it more often for architecture. The camera, the Canon 6d full-frame, I've bought at the beginning of this year is a keeper. Know it through and through by now thanks to some night-time photo shoots where you should be able to operate the camera blindly. In this series I've used the built-in GPS function for the first time so later on you can see exactly where the photos were taken. Very useful!
The last picture with the word “War” is of course a bit of a trick. There are still a few letters behind but they are outside the frame. You can probably guess which letters.

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2 Responses to “Rinteln Cream series”

  1. Bodosan says:

    Nr. 8 I love.

  2. imagitect says:

    with skimming light :-)

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