Tiermas hot spring

October 28th, 2012
by imagitect

At the Embalse de Yesa, a lake in the province of Aragón in Spain, you will find the hot springs of Tiermas. It is a wonderful experience to lie in the slowly flowing water that has a temperature of around 35 degrees Celsius. There is a strong sulphur smell but you get used to that quickly. Many people rub themselves with the mud. That is supposed to be healthy and in combination with the environment results in rather special pictures.

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6 Responses to “Tiermas hot spring”

  1. Bodosan says:

    Kudos for those beautiful photos of the ‘mudpeople ', extra-terrestrial.

  2. imagitect says:

    Thank you!

  3. Chillidog says:

    Hmm, mud, glorious mud. I never realised this existed in Spain, wow! Great pics.

  4. imagitect says:

    It’s a very magical place. I stayed there for 3 days and it was very hard to leave. So relaxing!

  5. Bodosan says:


    Ever we made part of the Earth,
    We were one with the ground;
    history has our encapsulated
    and processed into glossy front.

    Today we are a moment yanked
    and returned to the ground,
    the mother who warms us and consolation
    and coast with her soft mouth.


  6. imagitect says:

    Beautiful! :-)

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