March 16th, 2011
by imagitect

Surprising architecture of yesteryear in the Amsterdam Tolstraat. Originally built as a theosophical temple in 1927, it was primarily known as the cinema Cinetol to the folks of Amsterdam. A little over 25 years ago the public library opened up a branch here. The stylish interior, reaching into the air, invites silence and a search for inspiration, fitting the current function as a book temple. But also for the non-bookworm, it could be an almost spiritual revelation to walk around with gentle pace, dreamily getting immersed in this monumental building.
See here the opening hours.

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2 Responses to “Cinetol”

  1. Chillidog says:

    Wow, When can I move in to live !!!!!

  2. imagitect says:

    hahaha, that would be something! With a bunch of friends, yeaaaah! :-)

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