February 13th, 2011
by imagitect

Photos taken on the dry riverbed of Rio Gorgos at the village of Javea (Xabia) in the province of Alicante, Spain.

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3 Responses to “Naranja”

  1. Ziryab says:

    About these I do not know. I like the pictures of the hospital and the meat better. That shadow was from a mountain landscape?

  2. imagitect says:

    Of course, for me the magic of the place as I know it also plays a part. I've tried as much as possible to reproduce the colors of the surroundings and the bright , harsh noon sunlight including intense shadows on the walls and earth, as I remember them. It is rather difficult to get nicely balanced images with that fierce light.
    The shadow in the first two pictures came from the steep, rocky walls on either side of the river.

  3. Bodosan says:

    I took the liberty to include the picture of the tree with the wall (no. 6) in my ‘collected images’ collection. I find it beautiful and striking – especially the combination of the fragile tree (he seems near death) and that violently heavy wall.

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