Rap News

December 14th, 2010
by imagitect

Check out these two brilliant videos made by Robert Foster from The JuiceMedia, an Australian indymedia collective. Painting a thorough and accurate picture of the Wikileaks controversy and all the forces that are at work.

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One Response to “Rap News

  1. cube3 says:

    The “Hawks” as the American public calls them knew for many years that a select group of people had been sitting at the dinner table ever since to negotiate how to finish the Iraq deal soon after Daddy Bush didn’t finish the job. One of the reasons daddy bush couldn’t finish the job, is that the United Nations did not vote for going into war with Iraq. It would have been legit back then, as Saddam Hussein at that time was committing genocide on more than 100.000 Curds with biological weaponry/warfare. Whatever may be. The agenda shouldn’t have been about weapons of mass destruction. But should have been always about the genocide that Saddam Hussein committed. However the Hawks did not want to risk another failure in bringing the United nations in a second time, and started propaganda in the light of 9/11 mass destruction and terrorism. Which in my view is completely taken out of context.

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