Night Photographer

December 25th, 2010
by imagitect

“The night is a wonderful, mysterious and peaceful place.”
To photographer Larrie Thomson it became a welcome break from his daily life. When it’s full moon he gathers his photo equipment, gets into his car and heads out into the night ending up at some of the most desolate and unexpected spots,  like an abandoned factory, eery rock formations or a car wreck in front of a demolished house.
Usually he takes pictures with the available moonlight using long exposures, like 5 minutes or even longer. He also deploys colored strobes (external flash lights) to fill in the dark spots or simply to create special effects out of the ordinary (light painting).
Even though a lot of people who see his pictures think they are heavily manipulated with software like Photoshop, they are not. The images are surreal and intriguing, paintings of a world that’s out there but not usually visible to ordinary mortals.
His nocturnal escapades bring some adventure into his life as well: “You never know what you run into and sometimes you have to follow your instincts and just get the hell out!”

To see some of his work visit

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