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Graffiti in Legutiano

November 7th, 2012

Near the end of September I stayed in a forest for a couple of days adjacent to an extensive lake about 20 km north of Vitoria in the province of Euskadi aka Basque Country. On the shores of the lake lies a little village called Legutiano. After I crossed the N240 motorway which divides the village in two, I found out quickly that it's quite a boring place and there's little worth seeing. Fortunately the bakery was still open and I was able to buy some fresh bread.
On the way back I took a different route and I saw a small tunnel for pedestrians passing under the N240. And that tunnel proved unexpectedly worth a visit because it is decorated with impressive graffiti. Back to the camper in the woods to pick up my camera, a couple of lenses and a tripod.
I took about a 100 photo with two different lenses, the Canon 10-22 mm and a 50 mm lens, also from Canon and occasionally using flash. The bright sun was a bit harsh in relation to the light in the tunnel but eventually it resulted in some pretty nice photographs which I would like to share.

Click photo for larger images

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