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Lost Track

January 24th, 2011

On january 4 Raoul Kramer (1978) presented his self-published book ‘Lost Track’ in Gallery Bart in Amsterdam.

As a photographer Kramer, despite his young age, has already progressed quite a bit. From confronting photojournalism in the West Bank through picturesque portraits of families in China, he went on to a more abstract kind of photography: simply capturing what's there without necessarily being beautiful or narrative.

‘Lost Track’ tells the story of the railway built around 65 years ago, with forced labor in Burma and Thailand. Kramer's grandfather was one of the surviving labourers and often told stories about it. In 2009 the young Kramer looked at the remnants of the track through the eye of his anologe camera.
With the stories of his grandfather in his head it's like a trip back in time. The book is beautifully constructed with photos shot every few kilometers which reveal a deeper meaning only because of the captions. A few hills, some rocks, a few trees, at first glance it seems a meaningless picture but if you read the accompanying story on the left page you suddenly look at it with very different eyes. The design by Eva van der Schans is also very efficient: caption on the left page, photo on the right, lots of white space around the text, unadorned, old, randomly and vertically placed, authentic black and white photographs enclosed separately.

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Mexican Flu

December 14th, 2010

Daan de Wit, a Dutch research journalist, has just published his book “Dossier Mexicaanse griep” (The Swine Flu Files). While the pharmaceutical industry made huge profits, most vaccines bought by governments all over the world have been thrown in the garbage bins. Also the vaccine was never tested extensively and could be harmful to people, e.g. it contains mercury which takes a long time to leave the human body.

There’s a website about the book (in Dutch) found here
More about Daan de Wit and his work: where you can also sign up for his newsletter.

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