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Gijs van Lith

February 28th, 2011

In Gallery Bart work is currently on display by the young artist Gijs van Lith.
The exhibition is titled ‘Paint!’ and can be visited until March 26 th.

The Artworks
Compared with previous series, these paintings are a lot more experimental. There are, besides paint, various other materials used like plastic tape and rope. That's not the only reason the paintings have a three-dimensional character. This is also due to the different layers that are the result of an interplay of lines that on one side run pretty straightforward but then intersperse with contrary lines which seem to lead away into a space “opinion” the painting. The contrast is often strong; bright colors combined with dark patches, shiny with dull, deep black with gray and white.
Almost all the paintings bear the title ‘Structural Rules’ which says something about the philosophy behind this series. Capturing space and structure where the emphasis is not on recognition but on texture, abstraction and tension.
The result is a fascinating exposition where you definitely should stand still for a while in front of a painting to give it time to affect you.

The Maker
Gijs van Lith (1984) graduated in 2008 at the AKV|St. Joost in Den Bosch in the discipline of Visual Arts. He was nominated for several awards and in 2009 he has won the Thieme Art Award, a prestigious award for talented artists under the age of 35.
A short and informative interview with him (in Dutch) can be found at Elsevier.

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